Success Stories

Success Stories

The most compelling reasons to make a change to the Self-Determined model are the lives that it touches and improves.

For coffee lovers, Marc Thomas could be one of the most important people in their lives! Marc is responsible for keeping the coffee hot and ready to go as customers stop and grab their morning cup of joe at the Royal Oak 7-11 store.

She is outgoing, determined and independent . Meet Jacqueline or “Jackie” as her friends call her who is very busy these days as she prepares for her wedding day.

Shawn is only in her twenties and has accomplished so much. She has studied to be a Life Coach, helped run a non-profit, has started at least two websites to help empower people with disabilities, was just selected to be on a statewide self-advocacy board and now she’s 75% done with a book she calls, “Let Me Be.”

“I started my jewelry business so I could carry on the legacy that my grandma Mattie started. She taught me how to make jewelry and when she passed away, I wanted to honor her because she was my inspiration so I make jewelry and sell it to help keep her memory alive,” said Mattie Edwards, entrepreneur.

What an accomplishment! Westland resident Kimberly proudly says she has been employed at Wendy’s for 18 years! She is very busy at her job where she works five days a week, helping out her fellow employees with whatever they need including cleaning the grill, chopping the lettuce, stocking the freezer and assisting with the drive-thru window.