Custom Designed Trainings and Materials

We can create training materials for a variety of situations.
Equal rights for individuals with disabilities

Our Trainers can custom design their materials for your particular situation whether it’s showing administrators how best to implement Self-Determination in your county or state or teaching direct care staff how to implement and maintain individual budgets.

List of potential training topics

  • The History of Self-Determination (Self-Determination as a Civil Rights Movement)
  • The roles, responsibilities, reimbursement, and oversight of Fiscal Intermediaries, Independent Support Brokers, Independent Plan Facilitators, and Agencies With Choice.
  • Income Generation for All (focus on Employment Initiatives)
  • Succesful School Transitions (Youth in Transition)
  • “Community First” Planning
  • Alternatives to Day Programs/Sheltered Workshops
  • The Value of Community (Promoting Volunteerism, Taking Classes, Joining Social Clubs)
  • How to Become a Person-Centered Agency – Practical Steps That Help Advance System Transformation
  • Building and Mantaining a Diverse and Robust Network of Providers in a Self-Determination Model of Support
  • A Collaborative Approach to Teaching Budget Authority and Employer of Record Responsibilities
  • The Utilization of Peers in a Self-Determination Model of Support


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