Kim Gardner

What an accomplishment! Westland resident Kimberly proudly says she has been employed at Wendy’s for 18 years! She is very busy at her job where she works five days a week, helping out her fellow employees with whatever they need including cleaning the grill, chopping the lettuce, stocking the freezer and assisting with the drive-thru window.

"I like it very much. I like serving the customers who are nice and friendly to me and I like the people I work with,” says Kimberly who enjoys her off time relaxing and living by herself in her apartment."

As an only child, Kimberly learned to speak up for herself at a young age and it still holds true today. Just recently her hours were cut at work. “I told the manager it was unacceptable. I told them I need to pay my car insurance, rent, gas and light and phone bills. I was serious and after about a month, my hours were back on the schedule. I felt better after that!”

In her school years she attended our Lady of Providence where she won several music competitions with her French horn. She also has many medals for bowling, standing long jump and running.

“I enjoy living by myself.” Kimberly takes pride in her appearance, her home and her car. When she’s not working, she is staying healthy on her stationary bike in her living room or taking a once a year bus trip to Chicago which makes her face light up. “I would love to live there. I like the Water Tower and the mall. I love the shopping too!”

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